Day 28


I’m going to give you five words. Use each one as the springboard for a batch of TITLES. Just springboards. You don’t have to use the words themselves.
You don’t need to be able to cash any of the checks, so you can promise anything. Write purple prose titles, Hemingway-esque ones, or hard science sci-fi. You can write textbook titles. Use the names of streets or relatives. You can write rhyming titles or decidedly boring titles no one would look at twice. Free associate. Go insane, off the wall, out of the box. You can even be serious, and write titles for things you would like to see written. Let us see one or two you think are…interesting. But hang on to the rest. Never know when you’ll be stumped for a title.

You shouldn’t have any trouble coming up with ten for each word, but if you need a nudge, look at the best-seller lists.






10 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. I’m going to work on this. Maybe I’ll come up with something by the end of the day. I usually title my pieces after I write them. But I know folks that do write titles and then verse or stories. I’ve got some titles.. but not a whole lot. So thanks for the ‘You don’t need to be able to cash any of the checks, so you can promise anything.’ – clause. ~J

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  2. Not posting to the Raven for this, but I’ve got a few: Beyond the Banyan; Embracing Your Inner Banyan; Banyan Blues; Scattered Scones: A Midnight Mystery; Ella — A Scattered Life; Scatter Your Dreams; Moon Over Jinx Bay; The Jinx is Out of the Bag; Just Jinx;
    Turning a Profit in Turnip Trading; The Christmas Turnip; Turnips for Sal; Missing in Manila: An Envelope Tale; Misaddressed: An Envelope Mystery; Envelopes I Have Known and Loved.

    Thanks for the reminder to have some fun with all this stuff.

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