12 thoughts on “Day 30

  1. Quiclky ~ Thanks for the prompts!

    Keen Observation

    Little pointed solid rod
    Headed flat like a nail
    Or a gumball colored ball
    All so very, very small

    Seemingly hundreds in a box
    Cardboard or clear plastic
    Sometimes in rows on paper
    Useful little tiny shiny tools

    Grama might have had
    A small wrist cushion
    Or just held them in her lips
    While making adjustments

    Especially to that gown
    In the painting, from a photo
    Of the wedding gown she made
    That her three daughters wore

    After all, she sang joyfully with her
    Singer with the foot pedal treadle
    Carefully watching the needle
    Pass over those straight pins

    © JP/dh/ Jules

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