About Qweekly

bunny bluestarThis is Qweekly: Miz Quickly’s Monday Poetry Prompts. Somewhat sloppy, not-always-well-thought-out, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

Prompts are tools. They’re intended to help us keep our chops well-exercised, and–now and then–teach us new ones. Some are silly. Some that work for one person leave the next one cold. Some may not work for anybody. It happens.

Try them, anyway. Bounce off them. Make a total mockery of them. Link back and show us your results, or just chat in the comments. (Miz Q has been known to take sabbaticals, but someone’s reading).

Creation is a game.
When you’re serious, that’s called revision.


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  1. Did you see that on my short and long verse places I’ve put up a page for ‘link’ for Qweekly 🙂
    Let’s see if anyone ‘bites’ – as always, thanks and cheers! ~J


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