This writing thing. Sometimes it’s so easy you can’t stop the words. They spill out all un-edited. It’s like your brain has opened some buried treasure chest. Sometimes you and the treasure are buried under fifty feet of muck. Most of the time, fortunately, you’re somewhere between extremes.

Miz Quickly knows about needing a little nudge. You can hang onto a prompt and write, or you can resist it and push off in your own direction. It’s all good. Write.

And have fun. Have fun writing. Even if you’re serious as death. Get that idea down, then go back and look at what you’ve done. Play with the words. Play with the lines. Short lines do one thing and long ones do something else. Play with punctuation. Stanzas.

Sometimes playing around you can find a way to make what you were thinking mean more than you thought you meant. (did you follow that?)