About Po Mo

I don’t believe in writer’s block. Or muses. I do believe in depression, habit, boredom, self-fulfilling prophesy. And Chaos. I believe a poem is a well-constructed box with drawers. Anything can go into it, but if you put all your energy into making the box perfect, the contents will suffer. And if you build a shoddy box…well.

April is National Poetry Month, and a lot of websites are offering prompts for a poem a day. This is something like that. But we’re not going to concentrate on building Faberge eggs. Now and then, we’ll consider form and function, but most days we’ll be working on the marbles and screws and old silver dimes to stash. Quantities. We want to get you loose-jointed and a little bit crazy. Later, you can work on polish.



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  1. Pamela sent me racing over here! I would like very much to participate. I love your philosophy: write now, polish later. I plan to give it my best shot. My second granddaughter is due in about 7-8 weeks, when I will be taking care of her big sister. Hopefully my little “Annie” won’t arrive early. 🙂 Gram has to write!
    Thank you for setting this up! And sharing your inspiration.


    1. Do play, and do what you can, Marianne. I tried making them things you can go short or longer with. Looks like you have a ready-made theme if you want to try one. Expectation?


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