For your consideration: Duotrope

I am a big fan of Duotrope. If you’re like me, and just beginning to submit your work, it’s really an eye-opener.

Duotrope is no longer free, but there is a free trial period you might want to sign up for.  I think that even the occasional use is worth $5 a month. A year’s subscription/membership averages out to even less.

This is a little information from the site:

Duotrope Newsletter

About the Newsletter:
Paid subscribers of Duotrope can opt to receive an info-filled weekly newsletter that contains a list of new markets, markets that have closed or opened to submissions, upcoming themed deadlines, and more. In addition, we offer a monthly newsletter that anyone can opt-in to receive. The monthly edition includes a summary of the past month’s activity at Duotrope and highlights a few of our most popular new listings. Both editions of the newsletter are to the point and ad-free. We do not sell or share email addresses, and we never send spam. If you ever want to opt-out from our mailing list, you can do that painlessly here on this page. Instructions on how to unsubscribe are also provided in every issue sent.

To sign up for our newsletter: Register as a user and also select the option to receive the newsletter. Sign up now!

This is a clipping from the latest Duotrope newsletter, just a few places with upcoming themed issues. (links don’t show up very well in this theme, but clicking on the publication’s name should take you to a page with some basic information about the publication, and a link to it’s website)

Upcoming Themed Deadlines

(4/25/2013) NY_____ : Money
(4/26/2013) Mixer Publishing Literary Sci-Fi Contest : Literary science fiction (fee-based)
(4/26/2013) Australian Love Poems : Love poems by Australians
(4/27/2013) Hyacinth Noir : Queered Beltane
(4/30/2013) Falling Star Magazine : Date Night
(4/30/2013) Two-Countries Anthology : Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents
(4/30/2013) Penumbra : Japanese Mythology
(4/30/2013) inkscrawl : Journeys
(4/30/2013) [out of nothing] : nothing but time
(4/30/2013) Global Measures – Kúriy ólsewler : Otherness or universal themes
(4/30/2013) Point Mass : Outer space
(4/30/2013) Loco-Thology: Tales of Fantasy & Science Fiction : Pirates
(4/30/2013) Spring is Popping Out All Over Broadside Contest : Spring is Popping Out All Over (fee-based)
(5/1/2013) Zingara Poetry Picks : Fertility
(5/1/2013) Broken City, The : Food
(5/1/2013) Tribute to Ray Bradbury, A : Inspired by Ray Bradbury
(5/1/2013) Stealing Time : Milestones
(5/1/2013) Friends Journal : Parenting and Children
(5/1/2013) Parabola Magazine : Power
(5/1/2013) Elohi Gadugi Jour­nal : Root & Branch
(5/1/2013) T(OUR) Magazine : Secrets
(5/1/2013) Quotable, The : Space
(5/1/2013) River Poets Journal : Tales from the Matriarchal Zone
(5/1/2013) Along the River (Vol. 3) : The darker side of life along the Río Grande
(5/1/2013) Pockets : The Season of Love
(5/1/2013) Blackberry: a magazine : Time
(5/9/2013) SPLIT : Speak
(5/9/2013) Cliterature : Women & Girls
(5/12/2013) Beat the Dust : Use the last line of a published piece as the first line of a new piece
(5/15/2013) Prospective: A Journal of Speculation : After the Fall, Angels are Kind of Dicks
(5/15/2013) Halfway Down the Stairs : Beauty
(5/15/2013) Stone Telling : Body
(5/15/2013) Bohemia : Extraterrestrial dance party!
(5/15/2013) Sporadicus : Getting rid of baggage
(5/15/2013) Tattoo Highway : Lazarus, the Comeback Kid
(5/15/2013) Verse Wisconsin (Online) : Parents & Children
(5/15/2013) Beltway Poetry Quarterly : Prose poems
(5/15/2013) Pocket Guide : Secret Recipes
(5/18/2013) cahoodaloodaling : Make Us Laugh
(5/21/2013) Lantern Journal : Threshold
(5/24/2013) Whisperings Magazine : A breath of fresh thought
(5/25/2013) Buddhist Poetry Review : Impermanence
(5/30/2013) Four Ties Lit Review : Work
(5/31/2013) CALYX Online Contest : A new creation story
(5/31/2013) From the Depths Quarterly : Coversations
(5/31/2013) Cardiff Womens Aid Creative Writing Competition : Domestic violence (fee-based)
(5/31/2013) City Haiku: Montréal : Haiku about Montreal
(5/31/2013) City Haiku: New York : Haiku about New York
(5/31/2013) City Haiku: San Diego : Haiku about San Diego
(5/31/2013) San Pedro River Review : Harbors & Harbor Towns
(5/31/2013) Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds : Psychological horror
(5/31/2013) Glass: A Journal of Poetry : Rebirth
(5/31/2013) Penumbra : Revolution
(5/31/2013) mgversion2>datura : Sometimes You’re Nothing but Meat
(5/31/2013) American Poetry Journal, The : Superstition
(5/31/2013) Railonama : Travel on the Indian railways
(5/31/2013) Metric Conversions – Metrelí kaytarmalar : Unconditional love and the oneness of all creation


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