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Miz Quickly

Quickly, here.

This is where I should tell you about Quickly. Only there’s not much to tell. I like writing to prompts. That’s the way I got back to poetry after a long, long absence–through the Poetic Asides April PAD. I started on a whim, and almost cashed in over and over, but thirty days later I had almost forty poems. Though most were pretty sorry there were some keepers, and they would not have been written without the impulse provided by those prompts.

Why Miz Quickly?

Because some days one thing works, and some days, another. And you never know when just one more nudge will be the thing that kicks you into poetry.


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  1. I know I wasn’t around much during your last foray…grandkidlets took up quite a bit of that time.
    I may not write to your prompts everyday, but I save them all. ~ So big Thank You!!!

    Sometimes WP has hiccups…or maybe the author is just half asleep? Anyway I am always glad for when you return.
    I like writing to prompts and yours always have a unique spin 😉
    You keep us on our toes and help us keep our brains working… so again many, many thanks.

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      1. Well I does write (poems) every day Ma’am…and I’ve gotten into fiction and BoTS too. But them there’s another story… I think you’ve seen a few of my prompt mashes. I think the most I ever mixed was 5 or 6. Sometimes it just works out that way. And just because it’s a holiday tale you might enjoy:
        New Friends


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