Words for Pleasure


Word, Word


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Have you found (or been found by) a new (or new-to-you) word?
Look it up and for a little fun, pass it on.

Click to visit the foundlings.



Leave your New Words for inclusion here in the comments, shout them into a post comment, or email be.quik at gmail.




2 thoughts on “Words for Pleasure

Add yours

  1. Looking good. I see you’ve got the group I put in the comments in.
    Thanks for this space. I hope we get some good ones.
    When I do a particular wordle list there is usually a few that are new. Like from the last list:

    Kudoclasm (Sometimes it feels like your life is flashing before your eyes, but it’s actually the opposite: you’re thinking forward, to all the things you haven’t done, the places you intend to visit, the goals you’ll get around to…)

    Somaticize (Verb- to convert (anxiety) into physical symptoms)


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