Do You Believe



Do you believe we “deserve”?

As in “she got what was coming to her” and “they didn’t deserve that heartache”

Think before you write. Look at your underlying expectations, cultural and idiosyncratic. No harm in writing what you wish were true.

Let ‘er rip!




Note: I wasn’t fully functional when I loaded this prompt, and included some images that were a little more charged than I intended. Illustrations should open, not limit, a prompt.



Schedule Revision



(Schedules. You shake them until the monkeys stop falling out.)

Come back Thursday for our previously scheduled prompt.

But just in case you were jonesing, here’s a little something to tide you over:





Noun it, verb it, rush its bottom, overstuff it.  Make it Mid-Century Modern. Make it Art Deco. Go for Baroque. Take charge.




Write Hard


Things have been…difficult lately. Maybe not the first time humanity’s been in a mess, probably not the last. It’s hard to write.

But hard’s not impossible.


Each of the following lines from The New York Times is likely to provoke an emotional response of some kind. Choose one of these or write a VERY BRIEF simplification of some topic you feel intensely. Write for yourself. Just a line, long or short. But something you are pretty sure you will still understand in ten years. Maybe (in some cases, hopefully) the context will have been forgotten. You want something that will stir your emotions. You may choose to write something opposing in theme or subject, something hopeful or joyful. That’s okay, but it should be specific.


North Korean Nuclear Test Draws U.S. Warning of ‘Massive Military Response’

Trump Seriously Considering Ending DACA, With 6-Month Delay

Eager to Create Blue-Collar Jobs, a Small Business Struggles

Since statues tell us whom society deems important, more female figures are in order.

After Harvey, a Return to High Water


Write your line a little bit above the center fold of a full sheet of paper.

Turn it over.

Now, with that in your mind, write a poem for, to, or about someone you love. (If you decided to write a joyful, hopeful line, write a poem about something you hate. Yes. Hate. And not like “I hate sticky zippers”. If you don’t hate anything or anyone, lie.)

Include two of the following words. Do not try to use them all for this exercise.

beg, knife, leak, expecting, warning, red, exhaust, airy, break, hill


If you feel, afterward, like writing a current events poem, do.




Quickly, Here



September, and it’s time to get back to business. I’ve been taking it easy too long.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be here on Tuesdays every week through November.

If we’re not having fun by then, we’ll hang her out to dry.