Now for a little fun.

First, take that list you were just working with…

List 5List 4List 3List 2List 1


…and for each word come up with three words of similarity and three of opposition. Though these may be synonyms and antonyms, they don’t have to be. They can be as associative as you like.

Got your words?

Okay, go fetch that poem you just finished.

Pretend you never saw it before in your life.  Because you’re going to mess it up, and that’s easier to do with something you have no emotional attachment to. What you meant when you wrote the poem is unimportant from here on out, you’re going to find new meaning(s) in it. (What’s this? A poem? Hmmm. * )

*Sadistic cackle

Pop out the list words and replace them with words from the similarity list, then try the opposition words, then try mixing them. Play with sound. Add, subtract, divide.

When you finish, let us see what happened. If you will, give us a little glimpse into your process: What you started with, what you used for change material, why you chose one word over another in the final piece.


5 thoughts on “workshop1

Add yours

  1. Walking Away

    These boots are made for walking
    Not for sneaking around.
    Let her sit there with her sly smile,
    She who thinks she owns everything.
    I will leave so quietly she won’t
    Know that I am gone.
    One more bruise to my ego and that
    Is enough.
    You won’t hear me shut the door.
    I will be walking soft like fur.
    This game is over.
    I am not ashamed to admit that I have lost.


    1. The moccasins are made for walking
      not for fooling around..
      Let her sit there with her fake smile
      She who chokes on everything
      One more kiss to my ego and that
      is enough.
      You won’t hear me break down the door.
      I will be dancing soft like molasses.
      This game is kaput.


  2. Although I really like the first piece, Marian, I am also drawn to the second one because of the use of slang. Me thinks you had a few giggles while writing this, I was certainly smiling while reading it.



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