extra September 15


There will be …prizes

Winter 2014-15 Issue 4

Submissions Now Open for Winter Issue 4. Theme: Play Red Wolf Journal requests your submissions for its Winter 2014/2015 Issue #4, and invites your poems to “Play”. Play sparks the imagination. It’s an actor’s word, maybe Gielgud playing Hamlet, or a child’s imaginative play as Freud described. Or perhaps playful pursuits of the heart, play…

IMG_2687.JPG October 09

Amplified version for you winners

If you haven’t sent your mailing address for a prize, or don’t want to fool with that, here are your I Did Thats. For those of you who have a little trouble with the tech, I’ve added some how-to. It only applies to WordPress, but from what I remember of Blogger, the processes are similar. […]

30 September 30


Write a poem of leavetaking. An Aubade, perhaps. An Elegy. A limerick ? The theme is adieu

ode September 29


Let us now praise…anything Write an Ode

pc September 28

Go Postal

Write a postcard poem  

IMG_2674.JPG September 27

Notes, etc

        Notes etc Anyone who feels that they have (even remotely) accepted, attempted, whatever the “Challenge”: send your snailmail (postal) address to be.quik@gmail.com if you want your “prize”     ()_() For any who may be just sitting around, twiddling your thumbs for the next month or so, here are some MOOCs […]

bugs September 27


There was a spider in the dishwasher this morning. I have nothing against spiders, but–in the dishwasher? Okay. Write about a bug. (Beetle, Insect, Arachnid, creepy-crawly, cutie…)

26 instruction September 26


Write a didactic poem.

25 too September 25

Too, too

      Make today’s piece “Too Much of a Good Thing”