extra September 15


There will be …prizes

22 falling September 22


Fall. Fall In fall out fall down fall down drunk for down upon over just a suggestion you can and should write about what you like

21Freight Cars under a Bridge September 21


Charles Burchfield Use one of these as a springboard. (click for a better view) (in the viewer, there is–lower right–a “view full size” option)   [Talk among yourselves. I'll be out most of the day.]

20mirror September 20

Image caption revisited

NOTE: (it occurs to me that, contrary to my expectations when I put these prompts together, this may not exactly thrill you. If that should happen to be the case, you should ignore the words and use as your prompt the image at the very bottom) Back to the Getty Images captions. As you will […]

nineteen house September 19

Home in a Hollow

Describe your home (house, love, city, nation, body, whatever means home most) without describing it. Create a negative space for it, where other homes will not quite fit. Build with negation.

18 rose glasses September 18

La Vie En Rose

Pull out your rose-colored glasses, and write a poem that puts a positive spin on something

seventten mask September 17

Wear your spirit

Externalize your self

sixteen sequel September 16

The Sequel

[*If you missed it yesterday, see the CHALLENGE post. Be there, with the hare] We all know the truth about sequels. The truths. There’s something in the original we can’t let go of. Something we want to make love to, or finish, inhabit, watch come to completion. The sequel isn’t a part of the creative […]

letter September 15

The Letter

Write “A Letter to My Self…” but make the timespan a little more intimate. …Yesterday; …Last Week; …In November ( at the outside)