two trees September 02


Emphasize the Twain binary, bipartisan,bisexual bipedal, bivalve, bye-bye two lines, two stanzas, two (really damn good together) words two people, or trees two alike, two dissimilar joined, at odds, oblivious Write a poem of Two (2)

labor September 01

One Constraint to Labor With

It’s Labor Day in the US. (Just like May Day, but minus the fertility elements)  I think of it as the end of summer, the back fence. A CONSTRAINT, so to speak, for summer. Today, we’re using a constraint One constraint to labor under One constraint to feed you One constraint to shape your words […]

shapes too August 22


SHAPES. SHAPES. SHAPES. Write some thing about shape(s). Or in shapes. Or getting in shape. The shape of things to come? Imagine I’m Miz Shapely? Or you are. Baseball diamond. Love triangle. Hip to be square. And. And. And.               OR   See if you can make something of […]