September Swan Song

   This will be our last sit-down together for a while. When we come back in January, I want you to have 20 poems to begin a collection. If you're one with no eye toward publishing, maybe something you can print for the grandkids, or your best other. Just think about it. Dig into your... Continue Reading →


My Very Grand Life

Our daily lives are cluttered with fabulous events. We're magicians who make light, cook meals in instants, talk to people continents away. What we own would have been unthinkable in other ages. Look at something humdrum in your life--your clothing, maybe, or a trip to the grocery--and be properly amazed.

Poem Inspired by a Title

This begins our last week of prompts for a while. How long a while? Brilliant question! Dumb answer is I don't know. May be back in November with re-run prompts that might work well with NaPo and Robert's PAD. Because, frankly, sometimes one prompt, even two, will not work for me. I need a kicker. ... Continue Reading →


    Invent a person and bring him/her/them to us.  If you choose to use prose or a prose poem, that's fine, but don't be any less careful with your word choices than you'd be if you were writing blank verse. Decide on one thing that would make them stand out in a lineup of... Continue Reading →

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