image June 20


  Write about change, or about some way of marking change or capturing it. Or maybe write about trying to stop change.   From The Old Farmer’s Almanac WHEN IS THE SUMMER SOLSTICE? In 2016, the solstice falls on June 20 at 6:34 p.m. EDT. This is the “summer” solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The […]

image June 19

Down to -1

Use words: Make poem

2m June 18

S minus 2 (“Sumer is icumen in”)

Begin with the title, don’t do the afterthought rag.

image June 17

Summertime, -3. Counting backward

Backward. “I write to find out what I’m thinking.” That is a truth, and you can find it attributed to any number of writers. Flannery O’Connor, E.M.Forster, Joan Didion. And that’s a quick and dirty Google search. It’s not the whole truth for me, but watching what comes out of my mind is definitely a […]

day 4 June 16

Countdown: -4. Do you know what day this is?

It’s June 16. Bloomsday. (The day, the setting of James Joyce’s Ulysses.) Joyce borrowed from Homer, who knew how to tell a damn fine story. How about it–why don’t we do the same? Take part of the tale of Ulysses and his difficulties making it back home, and write. Joyce recast the story and set […]

5 June 15

Countdown to summer -5 (Can she bake a cherry pie?)

She can make a cherry pie quick as a cat can blink an eye.   She’s a young thing and can not leave her mother. Write down a recipe. Make it a fairly simple one, with not too many ingredients and not too many steps. Now use that in any way you see fit. Maybe: […]