the artists cat November 25

November 25: Get cooking

Begin a poem with a sound. Include an ordinary, even boring, object. Toss in an object of extraordinary beauty, as if it were unimportant. Feature an active verb. Don’t leave out emotion. Add a taste or smell or animal. End it with a similar sound. Two through Six can be in any order.     […]

manet November 24

November 24: More than revision

Look back and get five or so of your recent poems. Go on, do it I won’t go anywhere. Back? Choose one and insert a bigger-than-life character. Historical. Mythic (Hercules, Pecos Bill, Helen of Troy). Cultural (Mick Jagger? Johnny Carson?). Maybe a graphic superhero. See what happens.              

with roses November 23

November 23: Words

Here are some words for you. Use all, or nothing at all. Use them in this form, or turn them upside down. Compound them, prefix them, suffix them. Sleep with them. Play.     argument bottom cheap engine equals fake flavor lady match part pink work        

story time November 22

November 22

    Synesthesia Some people process sense information a little differently. They may experience some numbers as yellow or blue, literally hear bells when reading–maybe the word “red”–smell smoke when music’s played. That’s an extreme neurological experience. You may think of the number one as male, taste coconut when you think of the beach. Here […]

mural November 21

November 21

“I shall sleep, and move with the moving ships, Change as the winds change, veer in the tide.” Algernon Charles Swinburne, The Triumph of Time Write a piece in which you make use of repetition (not as a formal element, though. Don’t, for instance, begin each line with…Because). Entire words or portions of words, but […]

window November 20

November 20: Windows

      Consider the window (that’s your prompt)            

photo November 19

November 19

  The lady in the photograph is Amelia C. Van Buren. The photographer is Thomas Eakins. I don’t know the name of the cat.                       Let’s talk about reading. How do you read? Who? Where? What? Why? OR Write about someone you’ve seen reading. OR […]

madonna November 18

November 18

From books like Gene Logsdon’s Practical Skills, a Revival of forgotten Crafts, Techniques and Traditions, you can learn about–learn some things about–all manner of homestead-y, back-to-the-land-ish things. How to make a broom. How to build a hay manger. Capture a swarm of bees. I was thinking: you never know when you’ll need a pig pen […]