image January 31


Miz Q will be taking another little break now. We’ll be back when the impulse strikes–keep an eye peeled. Here’s a bit of inspiration to go out on. The magazine “The Masses” was published monthly 1911-1917. I invite you to browse an issue or two in the NYU archives. See if something strikes you. OR […]

golden shovel January 30

The Borrowing Poet

In his poem “The Golden Shovel” Terrance Hayes takes “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks and repeats it twice. Each word of the original becomes an end word in the poet’s new poem. Read down the right margin of “Golden Shovel,” and you get “We Real Cool.” “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks “The Golden […]

img_4046 January 29

It’s Safer Than Arson

I’d bet that –unless you’ve recently experienced fire, flood or some other disaster, or moved into a much smaller home–you have too much STUFF. Fortunes are there to be made selling containers, containers, and systems of containers. Books instruct on how to organize and how to winnow out. If you haven’t used it in a […]

hourglass January 26

Three-Day Midweek

Have we done any forms lately? No matter. We’ll do one now. Minute Poem We’ve done this one before, but since then I’ve met up with a variation, so you get two for the price of one. Here’s the version offered by Robert Lee Brewer: Some forms have a long, exotic history. Some forms are […]

img_3231 January 25

Trees, Kings, Jump Rope Chants

Sorry I’m a bit late this morning (or afternoon). Let’s try this. Make a list of things that share some attribute. A list of white things, maybe. Or wooden things. Things that roll. Fragile things. You’ll come up with something, and it’ll be cool. Pick two or three to build your piece with. It can […]

image January 24

Questions and Answers

Miz Quickly may scoff, but deep within her thumpy heart she does believe in fortune tellers, seers, and oracles. She knows for a fact that if you hold your mouth right when you ask your question, Tarot and the Book of Changes have your answer. Today we’re playing Fun With Oracles. First (Do NOT skip […]

WSMerwin_NewBioImage January 23

Borrowed Prompt

Borrowing a prompt from poet and teacher, Jeff Hardin. I’ll give you the beginning. Follow the link to his website. (And look around while you’re visiting) W.S. Merwin’s “Alba” Jeff Hardin Our minds are filled with fleeting glimpses of moments we have inhabited in our lives, moments that have remained, for whatever reason, a part […]

word feet January 22

Word, Word

  Use one, two, three.. all? Create a poem or something. press head great responsibility teacher holy cradle round cause stirring And/Or

IMG_3789 January 19

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

While Miz Q is loafing, flipping through the seed catalogs and dreaming beautiful gardens, you get the opportunity to Revise (Yes. You, too, missy.) Take some time, and really look at what you’ve written. Suggestion: Revise a poem from earlier this month. (or last month, or the month before. one that has had a chance […]

img_3928 January 18

I Have a Dream

This day (in the U.S.) is dedicated to the memory of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. “Modern man, through his scientific genius, has been able to dwarf distance and put time in chains,” King said at the podium that day. “Yes, we’ve been able to carve highways through the stratosphere, and our jet planes have […]